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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Career Scope in Home Science

According to the layman, Home Science is a subject about household chores meant to be studied by girls only. Actually Home Science is a well developed discipline of study. It does not limit itself to the mastery of home related skills of cooking, laundry, decoration, stitching etc. Being fairly broad based, a closer look will reveal that it prepares the students not just for taking care of their homes and family, but also prepare them for a large variety of careers and vocations both in wage employment and self employment. Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge with focus on Food & Nutrition, Fabric & Apparel Designing, Human Development, Resource Management and Communication & Extension. A study of home science opens up a large numbers of employment opportunities and avenues both by the way of wage employment.

Wage employment means that one works for another person or organization and receive wages or salary for services.

Self employment means that the individual is the owner of the enterprise. Lets us now take a look at the various job opportunities available under each of the vocational areas related to home science.


Teaching: In almost all schools, Home Science and Home Science related activities are taught for which teachers with educational background of home Science are required, Home Science teachers are required in schools and degree colleges. Besides this Home Science education background also required for polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes, Institutes, Institutes, Institutes of hotel Management and Catering etc. Training centers of anganwadi workers and other community workers also require teachers from field of Home Science. To run hobby classes or teach small groups in all vocational areas of home Science.

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